When the perfume becomes a candle.


The diMani candles. A play of light & ambiance. An appeal to all senses.

A perfume in a candle. A tamed flame.

An exceptional story of signature perfumes and refined craftsmanship.

A passionate world of European savoir-faire and savoir-vivre. Elegant. Discreet. Refined.



The diMani scented candle collection is a result of  meticulous craftsmenship. The glass is painted and engraved from both sides, providing us with a true play of light and ambiance.

 The fragrance concentration is set at its maximum, and the perfume is diffused through « talor-made » wax giving a uniform burn and leaving a trace of are and exceptional intensity.

The cotton lead-free wick is fixed at the bottom of the glass so as to remain centered all along its burning.

 8 fragrances to choose from : Mirabilis, Chā, Terramis, Kammetjie, Mare Salis, Patchaï, Vaniy, Sultana

 Glass of 300 ml. Burning time: 70h approx.

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